Massage Treatments
While the hydrotherapy circuit is temporarily closed until February 8, all our massages include the robe rental and the access to our outdoor relaxation areas only. It is still possible to treat yourself to a quick but oh-so-relaxing visit! If you need assistance or if you want to reserve a massage after February 8, please phone reservation at 1-888-537-2263.
Swedish Massage - 60 or 120 min.
A muscular massage comprising varied maneuvers, designed to ease tension that is caused by stress.
starting from 130.00
Therapeutic Massage - 60 or 120 min.
This type of massage targets specific areas of pain. The movements are aimed at alleviating persistent pain and tension. It improves blood circulation, eliminates tension and reduces stress.
starting from 140.00
Deep Tissue Massage - 60 or 120 min.
This massage focuses on relieving the deeper layers of the muscles. This technique uses slow, deep, sustained linear pressure.
starting from 140.00
Prenatal Massage - 60 min.
Perfectly suited to the needs of pregnant women, this massage is offered from the 13th week of pregnancy. To ensure the highest level of comfort, the massage is carried out using an ergonomic cushion. Relaxing and Rejuvenating, the prenanatal massage soothes tensions associated to pregnancy . Please note our online reservation system only verifies your credit card. Full payment is taken during your check-in at our front desk on your reservation date. Would you like to receive a massage today? Please phone us directly, we can surely accommodate you 819-425-9595. - Guests must be 18 years and over. - Bathing suit mandatory and sandals recommended. - Towels, robe and lock provided. - Check-in 30 minutes prior to reservation time is required - Prices are subject to change without notice. - Cancellations or modifications made within 48 hours of a massage reservation will be subject to a $60 cancellation fee per 60 min. massage and $85 per 120 min. massage. - Our new preventive measures apply specifically to massage therapy are available via